We have provided an indoor smoking area inside our Event Center.
This is an additional preventative safety measure. Temperature checks and other policies remain in effect.

Security Assistant Supervisor Security Full-Time
Supervises, and oversees security staff for assigned shifts while assuring adherence to Internal Controls, State Compact as well as company policies and procedures.
QUALIFICATIONS: (Includes equipment knowledge/use)
• High School Diploma or equivalent.
• Extensive professional and or college level training is highly desirable.
• Strong leadership, supervisory and interpersonal skills.
• Supervisory level law enforcement / and or casino security experience, or combination thereof.
• Strong oral and written skills with good analytical abilities. Able to read, write, and understand the English language.
• Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor.
• Effectively communicate and work with the various other Directors, Managers, and Supervisors throughout the property.
• Effectively communicate and work with Tribal Police, Local Law Enforcement, and the Tribal Gaming Agency.
• Able to successfully pass CPR, First Aid, O2, CARE, and AED certification exams.
• Possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License.
• Able to maintain oneself as a credit to the Silver Reef Casino.
• Must be 21 or older.
• Trains and coordinates security personnel to ensure compliance with all State, Tribal, and company policies.
• Assists Security Manager with functions such as, but not limited too, formulating and maintaining daily and monthly scheduling, and personnel documents.
• Ensures adequate personnel are present and stationed at required posts and zones when necessary.
• Ensures all department reports and logs are filed whenever needed, and ensure all are done in a complete and accurate manner.
• The ability to display and demonstrate excellent judgment and common sense.
• Able to accurately formulate and give performance evaluations to all Officers under their supervision.
• Maintain Confidentiality.
• Have and maintain an excellent understanding of the State and Tribal Compact, Internal Controls, and Company and Department policies.
• Provide minor First Aid and CPR when required.
• Have the ability to effectively deal with difficult, abusive, or intoxicated guests or employees in a positive and non-confrontational manner.
• Conduct and supervise table and electronic gaming device money collections (drops) throughout the property.
• Excellent documentation abilities.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Security Manager.
• Protect life and property.
• Enforce and document violations of company and department policies for assigned Security Line Officers and Dual Rate.
• Observe and report suspicious activity to Security Manager in a clear and concise manner.
PHYSICAL/MENTAL REQUIREMENTS: (*Constantly, Frequently, Occasionally)
• Able to work for long periods of time while standing and walking.
• Able to lift upwards of 50 lbs.
• Able to work and tolerate areas containing secondary smoke, high noise levels, and bright lights.
• Able to bend, stoop, reach, kneel, twist and grip items when necessary.
• Able to work any shift, overtime, and weekends if necessary.
• Be able to effectively work and function under stressful situations.
• Have the ability to adequately protect oneself from assault.
• Excellent vision including peripheral.
• Excellent hearing.
• Able to accept constructive coaching from supervision.
• Constantly in hot, cold, dry, noisy situations.
• Frequently working in confined or high places.
• Occasionally in contact with offensive odors or other hazards, dirty.
*Constantly = More than two-thirds of the time. Frequently = One-third to two-thirds of the time. Occasionally = Less than one-third of the time.

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